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THE CRIB - Scogli

The Crib’s cork setting is called Rock and responds to very specific rules. Must have a first floor flat. This leads to very steep descents and endless steps.
Two caves on this floor: one for the Nativity, the other for the Tavern.
Mystery cave needs no explanation, but you have to know that the Tavern is the place of the Devils. There can be no Good without the struggle and overcoming of Evil. The two caves closed to each other just symbolise this struggle.
As there is no Devil with no Angel (even because Devils are fallen angels for the Catholic religion) so in addition to Nativity flying angels there are also flying Devils on the cave. Harmony comes from the balance of two opposing principles. And after the essential caves and descents what is important is the River with its water.
In this water the washerwomen wash their clothes.
They are the midwives of our Lady spoken of in apocryphal Gospels and that can be admired in paintings and reliefs. But apart from this, the river also is useful to justify the presence of the bridge.
The bridge connects the souls of the living with the dead ones, and on deck goes Ciccibacco who carries a cart full of wine barrels pulled by an ox. The well is the last essential element in the Rock crib. This is going to dip the Comet after having fulfilled its task of companion of the Three Wise Men.

Eighteenth Century (XVIIIth)
The Crib is always in updating. In 700, there was the custom to change the shepherds’ costumes with the changing trends, as well as people climbed on the news of this miniature theatre with their faces or crafts.
So today on the crib came the pianino, guarattellaro, Pulcinella and Totò, Eduardo De Filippo and the shoeshine. It is rightly so because the journey can continue and to come into the world is for everyone a lovely fairytale setting to live and to enjoy whenever we have the opportunity to do it. The skill of the artist Ferrigno is not limited to the creation of eighteenth-century shepherds, but are placed on the crib even today's characters, like football players, celebrities, Presidents.
The latest creations are for example Ronaldinho, Maradona, Pippo Baudo and Silvio Berlusconi.

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